miércoles, 30 de octubre de 2013

Mejores practicas configuraciones Cisco - No EIGRP router-id configured

No EIGRP router-id configured

ExcepciónNo EIGRP router-id configured
DescripciónThe router ID is set to the IP address of a loopback interface if one is configured. If no loopback interfaces are configured, the router ID is set to the highest IP address configured on a physical interface. To ensure deterministic behavior the EIGRP router-id should be configured to a chosen address. If a router id isn't set for EIGRP, it is possible that duplicate router ids will prevent external EIGRP routes from being installed in the topology table. To have deterministic behavior, an EIGRP router id should be created on all EIGRP speaking devices.
URL de ReferenciaPreventing Duplicate Router Ids
Acción correctivaConfigure the router id, with the "eigrp router-id" command.