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Mejores practicas configuraciones Cisco - NTP Update Calendar Disabled

NTP Update Calendar Disabled

ExcepciónNTP Update Calendar Disabled
CategoriaIP Applications
DescripciónSome platforms have a battery-powered hardware clock, referred to in the command-line interface (CLI) as the "calendar," in addition to the software based system clock. The hardware clock runs continuously, even if the router is powered off or rebooted. If the software clock is synchronized to an outside time source via NTP, it is a good practice to periodically update the hardware clock with the time learned from NTP. Otherwise, the hardware clock will tend to gradually lose or gain time (drift), and the software clock and hardware clock may become out of synchronization with each other. The ntp update-calendar command will enable the hardware clock to be periodically updated with the time specified by the NTP source. The hardware clock will be updated only if NTP has synchronized to an authoritative time server.
URL referenciantp update-calendar
Cacción correctivantp update-calendar
AdveretenciaMany lower-end routers (for example, the Cisco 2500 series or the Cisco 2600 series) do not have hardware clocks, so this command is not available on those platforms.

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