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Mejores practicas configuraciones Cisco - HSRP Preempt delay not configured

HSRP Preempt delay not configured

ExcepciónHSRP Preempt delay not configured
CategoriaIP Applications
DescripciónTraffic may be dropped after the primary Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) router becomes active. When switch crashed or reloaded, the HSRP interface may be active before the uplink interface comes up or before Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) convergence. The client sends traffic to the primary HSRP router, but the primary HSRP router is not ready to send the packet in the L3 domain, so the packet is dropped. After implementing the HSRP preempt delay, the primary HSRP router will not become active before the delay timer expires. The router is ready in uplink or L3 domain when it becomes active. Note: Remove the technology from the profile section while rule development and keep only feature rules.
RecomendaciónAvoid packet drop after the primary HSRP interface becomes active.
Referencia URLConfiguring HSRP
Referencia URLCommand Reference
Acción correctiva"Under the interface .* block, type the following command:

standby group# preempt delay minimum min-seconds

(for example, 'standby 1 preempt delay minimum 180')

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